Limiting screentime

Pediatricians, psychologists, and neuroscientists warn of potential negative consequences associated with constant mental stimulation as a result of interacting with our devices. Without a screen-free space for my brain to relax, stop firing, and just think, I felt incapable of significant mental processing. I could blame the technology for thwarting my attempts at creative thought, or I could blame myself for taking the easy route and using my devices to constantly stimulate my brain. Though I chose to blame myself, I am finding a lot of support for the idea of blaming technology when discussing the idea of screen time.

Source: Reframing the Debate About Screen Time | Edutopia

Some great perspectives into limiting screen time. I try to disconnect and read from my Kindle. The e-ink screen does not have any light, and there are no notifications to distract me. Is it better than an iPad or computer? I believe so, but I have no research to back that up.

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