What happens when you put 5 year olds on screens?

 Increased screen time has multiple risks for children’s psychosocial well-being. These risk factors seem to be significant in the long term, and are related to problems in children’s socio-emotional development later on. Health professionals and pediatricians have an important role as communicators of the current research results on the safe usage time of e-media for families, and enhancing parents’ skills as regulators of children’s safe e-media use. More research is needed on the family conditions of high-dose e-media users.

Source: High-dose electronic media use in five-year-olds and its association with their psychosocial symptoms: a cohort study | BMJ Open

It’s interesting that game playing had the least amount of influence on 5 year olds, whereas screen time in general was bad news all around for 5 year olds. I’d like to see more research into what is being done with the screen time. Does creating have the same effect as gaming?

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