New features coming to Chromebooks

Today, Chrome OS devices do everything from helping people get things done to entertaining them while they unwind. But we want to do more to provide a powerfully simple computing experience to the millions of people who use Chromebooks. We’re celebrating 10 years of Chromebooks with plenty of new features to bring our vision to life. 

Source: Chromebooks announces new features for 10th birthday

My favorite new features are the screen capture tools and the multi-item clipboard. The new screen capture tools can be used to capture screenshots and screencasts. There are some tools to use with the new screen capture too. While it won’t replace purpose built tools such as Nimbus, it’s great that it’s built in.

The other feature is the multi-item clipboard. Once you use a clipboard that can store multiple items, it makes it hard to go back to a system that only has one item. I’ve talked about software that allows you to do this, but it’s great that it’s built in. The bummer is that it only stores 5 items, but at least it’s built in. 

There are a few more features coming, check out the article for more!

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