The problem with information overload

15 years ago, I made two major choices before I went to school in the mornings. I picked what cereal I would have (how good were Ricicles?), then sifted through my CD collection before popping one into my Discman for the day.

Think of that same journey I took 15 years ago. Today, it’s not so simple. Armed with a smartphone and a Spotify subscription, the music choice grows from around 50 CD’s to over 30 million songs. Even when you manage to choose an album, what are the chances you’ll keep listening until the end?

Never mind the overwhelming choice of songs. There’s the notifications you’ll encounter along the way. Vibrate. Facebook memory. Vibrate. Someone mentioned you on Twitter. Vibrate. Someone viewed your LinkedIn profile.

Source: Up next: nothing? How information overload is impacting our brains.

Remember, multitasking is a myth. And then you also have the paradox of choice problem. Ugh!

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