Put a calendar in your Chrome toolbar

When I’m on my Mac desktop or laptop, I like using a replacement clock in the upper right that also gives me a calendar. It’s free and called Day-O.

Cue the Beetlejuice jokes.

I’m also on Chromebooks a lot, so I started looking for a replacement and found Clock for Google Chrome™. Once installed, I get a microsized clock in the dock that is almost too small to be useable.

It was 12:30 when I wrote this.

It starts in analog mode (12:30 when I captured the above), which is almost useless. Right-click on the icon and go to options to set it up. Clock for Google Chrome options starts with the Reminder options, but I don’t use them. Click on Appearance in the upper left to set the appearance.

Clock for chrome set appearance
These are the settings I used for the appearance.

Once that was done, I had a clock that was semi-usable Clock for Chrome digital. Note that the readable issues isn’t the fault of the description, it’s the lack of space Chrome offers for toolbars items.

Now that there is a readable clock, to show the calendar click on the toolbar icon.

Clock for Chrome show calendar

Now I have quick access to a clock and calendar in the toolbar when I’m on basically any device that has Chrome.

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