G Suite students now have the ability to transfer content to personal Google accounts

Graduating students can now use Google Takeout and copy their content to a personal Google account. File sharing outside of the domain must be turned on, and the tool respects permissions set on the original files. So if a file is set to not allow downloading or the creation of copies, then that file will not be copied to the external account.

No files are deleted in the process, only copies are made.

Confusingly, email is mentioned in the opening paragraph, but the rest of the document only talks about copying files. The tool does transfer email also.

When a student accesses Google Takeout, they can enter a personal Google account’s email address. Google sends a link to create an access code to the personal account. This code must be entered into the Google Takeout screen to start the transfer.

Once verified, the student can select what to transfer, and then migrate the information to the new account.

This should come in really handy at the end of the year for graduating seniors!

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