Quality vs. Quantity: Choosing Your Back-to-School Apps

You’ve been there. Open a new device and make a quick visit to the App Store. A simple search turns into download wheels spinning for lots of different apps. With thousands of free (and paid) apps to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start.

During conferences and school visits, I’ve given plenty of presentations with titles like “30 Apps for Reading Teachers” or “15 Favorite Math Apps.” I find great value in sharing resources in this format because it can introduce teachers to a world of possibilities. Before I start sharing favorites, I say to teachers what I want to say to you now:

Listen. Wait. Choose.

Source: Quality vs. Quantity: Choosing Your Back-to-School Apps

Also, you’ve got to commit yourself to using the app for at least a week, preferably a couple of weeks. Limitations of apps usually sneak up on you like a lion on the plains getting ready to pick off the weak of the herd.

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