Query Wolfram Alpha from the Chrome toolbar with this extension

Source: Wolfram|Alpha (Official) – Chrome Web Store

Wolfram | Alpha‘s tagline is computational intelligence. When you perform a query or calculation on Wolfram | Alpha, it works a little like Google. Wolfram | Alpha will find the solution to your problem.

With the  Wolfram|Alpha extension, you can perform these searches by clicking on the extension icon or in the url bar. 

I performed a search for when was Abraham Lincoln president and Wolfram | Alpha returned the following:

Not only did I get the dates of his presidency, Wolfram | Alpha also returned how long ago these dates were. Pretty nifty. 

Google, on the other hand, returned the facts and different information about the life of Abraham Lincoln.

The fun doesn’t stop with general knowledge, Wolfram | Alpha can also solve and graph math equations.

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