Read ebooks with a soundtrack with Booktrack

Booktrack is a service that adds a soundtrack to ebooks. As you read the book, there can be added music and sound effects to enhance the immersion level of the book.


Once you sign up, you can select one of their books to read, which is pretty cool in itself. The magic happens when you click on Create a Booktrack. You or your students can create a booktrack to an already written story (looks like they have a bunch of public domain works uploaded) or add a booktrack to a story the student has written.

For teachers there are classroom management tools which allows you to create classes and allow students to sign up with a code. As the teacher, you can manage the library for each class independently. The app supports Google and Microsoft logins, so one less username/password to remember.

Booktrack looks like it could be a great site for students to use to publish their works in a new an exciting way. For a limited time, Booktracks is currently free for teachers.

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