Rigged is a CYOA showing what it takes to graduate from high school

Five million children and youth are cared for by our nation’s social service agencies because they’re experiencing homelessness, foster care placement, incarceration, or other challenges. And all of these young people will also show up in our schools while juggling other competing priorities.


Can you put yourself in the shoes of one of these young people? Can you successfully navigate the kinds of circumstances they regularly face, like juggling schoolwork and childcare, preparing for the G.E.D. while employed full-time, or meeting the demands of a probation officer while trying to finish a high school diploma?

Source: Rigged | Bellwether Education Partners

I played it, and ended up with 3 months in juvenile detention. Maybe you can do better?

Rigged is a great way to start discussions in your classroom on the nature of decisions. Not only in the decisions you make, but in the decisions of others and the effects of things happening outside of your control.

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