Running a Mac on battery? You’ll probably want to switch to Safari

One of my complaints with my new and improved Macbook Pro was battery life. As I’ve been investigating what I can do to help improve my time on battery, I’ve come up with two different approaches. One is a no brainer, dim the screen. The other is more painful. Switching to Safari.


I’ve notice that Google Chrome is almost always in my list of Apps Using Significant Energy, but I didn’t realize how big a deal it was until I started researching. Articles such as Chrome vs Safari vs Firefox web browser efficiency and Four reasons I switched to Safari after years of using Chrome and why I’ll probably switch back showed that you can gain, on average, an hour of battery life using Safari over Chrome.

My MacBook Pro will still have Chrome installed, and when I’m plugged in it will be my browser of choice, but I’m also going to see how it goes running Safari when I’m on battery.

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