See predictions of what the Earth will be like in 2050 at the project

For 20 years Kaspersky Lab has been standing at the forefront of cybersecurity and constantly innovating to protect businesses, governments and consumers around the globe. We pride ourselves on using our knowledge, experience and vision to always look ahead — and celebrating our 20-year anniversary is no exception. We have brought together men and women of art and science, dreamers and innovators, to predict the world, technology and cyber threats of 2050.

Source: Earth 2050

As you click around the Earth on the site, you can select a city and see predictions. The site asks if you agree or disagree with the prediction, and you can also comment about the prediction.

This site would be a great jump off point for creative writing classes, technology classes, math, and others, to bring discussion of a particular prediction into the classroom. The students can discuss the prediction and use it as a basis for projects.

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