Shared resources and presentations for those #notatISTE for ISTE 2019

ISTE 2019 has come and gone, and you didn’t get a chance to go. Fear not, I’ve collected a few resources from ISTE 2019

First up is a collaborative Google Sheet where ISTE participants have been putting links to presentations and resources that they have found during ISTE. Once you finish going through that in a month or so, look at these tweet:

Shelly Terrell has put together a list of ISTE Ignite presentations

There is also a website dedicated to those NotAtISTE. I especially like the collaborative Google Slides presentation to allow those not at ISTE to connect.

And, if you need more, Google master Eric Curts tweeted out a link to his 11(!) presentations that he led at ISTE 2019.

That should keep you busy until ISTE 2020.

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