Tab Hover Cards and Tab Hover Cards Images are coming to Google Chrome – but you can try them now

I don’t really know if hover cards are something I really need. But, since I’m a user that usually has so many tabs open that each tab is reduced to its favicon, I’m willing to give hover cards a shot.

One of my 4 currently open browser windows.

Once enabled, mousing over a tab will show the page title and site domain name. The hover card can also display a thumbnail of the page.

This feature is currently in testing, and you can’t enable it through the settings. THIS MEANS THAT ENABLING HOVER CARDS HAS A CHANCE OF DOING BAD THINGS. I’ve had them turned on for awhile now without any adverse effect, but your mileage may vary.

To get started, make sure your version of Chrome is up to date. Then in the address bar, type:


Heed their warning, for there be dragons here.

In the search box, enter hover

You can enable Tab Hover Cards, which will show you the page title and site domain. Once that is enabled, you can enable Tab Hover Card Images if you would like. I couldn’t see a difference between EnabledEnabled B, or Enabled C, so select Enabled. After you restart the browser, you can mouse over the tabs and bask in the glory of hover cards.

If you have issues, navigate back to chrome://flags and turn them off.

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