Sharing: Use Google Drawings for brain-friendly visual notetaking {via @jmattmiller}

Use Google Drawings for brain-friendly visual notetaking | Ditch That Textbook

A powerful way to take advantage of that is visual notetaking — recording ideas using both images and text. Some call it doodling, and many have gotten “in trouble” for doodling in class even though there were cognitive benefits of it over standard notetaking.

I’m not an artist, or even a very good doodler, but I’ve noticed that at times when I do draw that people respond to it in a surprisingly positive way. I was at a conference, and the presenter was using a presenting tool that allows the participants to draw their reaction (I think it was Pear Deck). I drew a picture similar to this:

File Apr 04, 7 05 38 PM

When the presenter showed the pictures, they had to stop on mine because people wanted to know who drew it. I was a little embarrassed at the attention, which is very out of character for me. I believe it was because I was getting recognition for something that I’m not very good at, and the imposter syndrome kicked it.

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