ⓔ Moom for OS X manages windows easily

While Apple whats OS X to move to the iOS world of window management, where everything is either full screen or split screen, Moom by Many Tricks offers an alternative to manage your windows. And for the $10 Many Tricks is asking for the software, it’s a steal.

How would you like your window?

Moom adds a pop-up when you hover over the maximize button.

Moom "menu"
I’ve turned on advanced features, the grid doesn’t show up by default.

By clicking on one of the five buttons, the current window will be resized and move to correspond with the white in the button. The grid below the buttons allows you to customize the size and position of the current window by clicking and dragging.

Moom fixes an annoyance

With OS X El Capitan, I like the ability to maximize the current window without going full screen. I also use the resize and move left or resize and move right buttons a lot to place two windows side by side.

Other features

With the menu I can set absolute window sizes, say 800×600, so I can test how websites would look at a lower resolution. There are also hotspot management, so Moom can act like Windows 7 and let you drag a window to the left or right side of the screen. Or drag to a corner for a window a quarter size of the screen.

Finally, you can set a hotkey with Moom, allowing some window management from the keyboard without having to use the mouse. I set my hotkey to control-space. Once the hotkey is pressed, I can use the arrow keys to throw the window to the left, right, top, or bottom.

Moom has really changed how I handle window management in OS X, to the point that when I get to a new machine, I have to install it as soon as possible before I go crazy!

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