Social media supports an echo chamber that may be influencing people’s opinions

By: English106

By making so much information so accessible, social media has drastically changed the way we consume information and form opinions in the modern era. The danger, however, is that social media creates an “echo chamber” that filters the information people receive so that it largely supports their existing opinions.

A recent study published in PNAS examines this phenomenon and finds that social-media users show marked focus in the types of news that interests them. These social-media participants tend to develop strong and well-defined communities around the news outlets they support, and they tend to make connections with like-minded people regardless of the geographic distance between them.

Source: The social media “echo chamber” is real | Ars Technica

This has been an issue for several years, and I think it’s getting worse. I’ve been limiting my Facebook usage, and have been surviving.

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