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Study Fetch is an AI service that uses your course materials to help your students study. There is a free plan available to get your feet wet, with two paid tiers, $7.99/month and $11.99/month (with discounts for yearly purchasing).

You can upload your materials in several different formats, including video, audio, and Google Docs.

Artificial Intelligence will take away English teaching jobs – Meme by smcminn


How much math education is the right amount? Tim Stahmer looks into the state and complaints of math education in the US states. Should we be spending more time on logic?

Aviva Dunsiger is a gem and I’m so glad I stumbled upon her blog. She is very good at showing the learning going on in her classrooms and here is how World Read Aloud Day went in her K – Grade 6 classrooms. Add her site to your RSS reader, you won’t be disappointed. Also, I’m really liking Canadians, they’re built a little bit differently, especially [when taking the class out in -19c windchill or when it’s raining].

Do you want to see teacher’s eyes gloss over during PD? Use this as a title of one of the sessions:

Policy Considerations for Pedagogical Homes

I kid, I kid! Jose Vilson looks into professional development and his description of a “pedagogical home” makes a lot of sense. It’s something I’m going to have to research more.

15 Funny Teacher Memes – Only Teachers Will Get! – TEACH SMART with me


In this weeks edition of how to perform research to get the outcomes you want, researchers found that writing by hand may increase brain connectivity more than typing. What I found problematic with their research is that they limited typing to one finger typing using your right index finger. I would not use this research for any arguments.

Will AI be your students’ tutor in the future? Look at China for how it’s beginning.

40+ Hilarious research memes that will make you smile – forms.app

Pop Culture

Workplace communication is getting complicated with everyone having different ideas on how to call, text, or email. From the looks of it, it boils down to a lack of procedures on when and where to use the different mediums.

It seems like everyone is trying to move on from their smartphone including replacing it with a flip phone.

20+ Communication Memes to Make Your Workday More Fun | Chanty


Here’s some snarky virtual stickers you can stick on your social media posts and emails to let readers know how to reply to you.

When the teacher is on social media… – Skeptical Dog Meme Generator

Extra Credit

Here are extra links that I found interesting that may or may not be education related or interesting to you and I didn’t want to lose them.

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