Without the why, PD fails

No matter what sort of change is going on in your industry, if you don’t teach people why to do things differently and what to do differently, they will do the same old stuff. Effective training doesn’t just happen once. It doesn’t just cover theory. It explains exactly what to do, and it reinforces these […]

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This is NOT my editorial calendar

Scheduling personal development time in your calendar

Successful people don’t grow by accident, they grow by design. When you schedule personal development time on purpose, you are making time to design the life you want. You are essentially who you create yourself to be. Once you embrace the “growth” habit, you will improve your way of life. Source: Scheduling Just 15 Minutes […]

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3 lessons learned from creating a professional growth culture

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We spoke with teachers and administrators at Cicero Public School District 99 in Illinois and Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools in Ohio about how they designed technology professional development programs to engage teachers for the long term. Here we share three lessons learned from their experiences building programs that impact educators and students alike. Source: Creating a professional growth culture: […]

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Ideas for using G Suite for training

In our first G Suite Hacks article, we shared tips from the Transformation Galleryto help employees automate everyday workflows and save time. Today, we’re focusing on corporate training tips that will help your employees stay engaged so they can do their best work. Source: Work hacks from G Suite: a new corporate training regimen (no weights […]

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CodeCampus Academy is PD for teachers to learn coding

Source: CodeCampus Academy So you’re burned out with all of the sites out there that help students learn to code, and you are feeling envious that they have options and you don’t. Well, time to turn that frown upside down with CodeCampus Academy, professional development for teachers to learn coding! The service helps you get started […]

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Doing More With Less: PD, Resources, and Ownership

Strategies for doing more with less include adequate PD around new technology, embracing mobile solutions, low-cost high tech, and expanding the ownership of school policy making. Source: Doing More With Less: PD, Resources, and Ownership When talking about PD, I think one piece that seems to be missing way too often is helping teachers learn […]

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