Take a step inside the classroom of tomorrow

When you cast your mind back to the days of school, you probably think of dusty textbooks, graffiti and chewing gum, lessons that were both boring and unengaging, and many, many chewed pens.

But the classroom of tomorrow will look very different. The latest advancements in technology and innovation are paving the way for an educational space that’s interactive, engaging and fun.

The conventions of learning are changing. It’s becoming normal for youngsters to use games like Minecraft to develop skills such as team working and problem solving, and for teachers to turn to artificial intelligence to get a better understanding of how their pupils are progressing in lessons.

Source: Take a step inside the classroom of tomorrow | TechRadar

I disagree with the importance of virtual reality, since I believe that augmented reality will have a bigger impact, at least in the short term until technology can catch up.

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