Testing children’s spatial abilities with Lego bricks

Researchers at the University of California San Diego have developed a test that uses children’s ability to assemble LEGO pieces to assess their spatial visualization ability. Spatial visualization is the ability to visualize 3D shapes in one’s mind, which is tied to increased GPAs and graduation rates in STEM college students.

Source: Using LEGO to test children’s ability to visualize and rotate 3D shapes in space

I remember being tested for TAG in middle school (Talented and Gifted). One of the tests was rearranging cubes to match pictures. I was completing the task in seconds when it was supposed to take over a minute or two. The proctor was pretty impressed, I chalked it up to solving Rubiks Cubes or growing up and working on a farm. Little did I know that it was all the years I spent playing with Lego bricks!

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