The ideal 21st century classroom

know. We’re already many years into the 21st Century. And I know there’s a chance that the term “21st Century” might rub you the wrong way.

But we’re here, and teaching and learning look very different. At least they have the potential to.

When I started teaching in 2004, there was one computer in the classroom: a slow desktop computer to take attendance and report grades.

Source: My ideal 21st century classroom. What’s yours? | Ditch That Textbook

This is a fun one, but I think the term 21st century is not correct for this situation. The ideal classroom of 2017 is going to look vastly different from the classroom of 2099 (not that I’ll make it to that one).

For myself, the most important tool for me is dual large screens, such as TVs or projectors. More importantly, for students, it’s a flexible, safe, and comfortable classroom.

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