The reason why Goodwill is the 2nd largest provider of online courses

In 2018, more than 31 million people took virtual courses offered through GCFGlobal – a Goodwill Community Foundation initiative – and their online portal, offered in English, Spanish and Portuguese.  This is an astounding number that would rank it just behind Coursera’s reported 37 million registered users in 2018 and more than both Udacity (10 million) and edX (18 million) combined.  Goodwill, with very little fanfare, is already the 2nd biggest MOOC in the world, running neck-and-neck with Coursera – a fast-charging, venture-backed company that has raised over $210 million.

Source: Why Goodwill (Not Udacity, EdX Or Coursera) May Be The World’s Biggest MOOC

I had no idea this existed. There is a ton of content here that you could use in your classroom! The site’s focus is on giving others the necessary skills to get jobs in today’s tech heavy environment, and it looks like they are doing something right.

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