Three steps to implementing technology districtwide

In 2013, the superintendent charged our district technology committee—comprised of board members, teachers, administrators, parents and students—to come up with a plan that would provide an equal education opportunity for all students. Beekmantown’s poverty rate is the highest in Clinton County at 53%, and 30% of our students don’t have access to the internet at home. Given the profile of our population, we needed an affordable and flexible technology solution that would allow us to put devices in the hands of every student inside and outside of the classroom. Chromebooks, and G Suite for Education fit our needs perfectly because they are easy to manage, simple to use, and affordable.

In our experience deploying this new technology, we had to include every group—the board, administration, faculty, and the students—in the process. Here are a few things we learned:

Source: It takes a district to implement technology

They followed a three step process to integrate Chromebooks into their district. It’s a great list, especially #3: Get students to teach. Beekmantown didn’t just bring in students for their opinion, they brought in students to help implement.

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