Using the Dungeons and Dragons role playing game in the classroom

The mainstreaming of the popular roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons has significantly changed how people address and understand the game. It’s become a spectator sport and a way for some gamers to earn their livingD&D gameplay and its symbolism have become a significant plot point in geek-oriented TV shows like Stranger Things and The Big Bang Theory. It’s the subject of copious scientific studies and papers, and hundreds of long-running live-play podcasts. It’s a steadily growing business, and an effective promotional gimmick for businesses. And it’s also increasingly an educational tool. More and more teachers are publishing guides on how to use D&D both in the classroom, and as an after-school activity that promotes social growth, problem-solving, and communication.

Source: This comic explores Dungeons & Dragons’ classroom potential – The Verge

What a cool way to look at integrating D & D. I’m disappointed that in my lifetime as a geek, I’ve never played a game of Dungeons & Dragons.

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