ViewedIt, another option for creating screencasts with Chrome

ViewedIt is a quick and easy way to create screencasts with Google Chrome.

After you install the extension, it will ask you to log in with your Google account.

From then on, to record, you click on the ViewedIt icon in the tool bar. You can select what you want to record, and whether you want to include video from your webcam.

Once you record, you are given several ways to share the link to your video.

Unfortunately, ViewedIt does not currently give you an option to download the video or send it to Youtube. This makes me a little uneasy because the control of the video is no long in my hands. But, for short, one off videos like demonstrating software for a staff member, I could see the utility with ViewedIt.

Here’s an example video (yeah, my webcam needs to be replaced… 🙂


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