How will technology define schools?

If we are waiting for some “technology” to come along and redefine schools, we will be either waiting a long time, or it will be too late. This is a shift we will need to create in our own thinking.

Source: Technology Will Not Redefine Schools

As a product of 20th century school who is teaching in the 21st century, the definition of school has changed, but not because of technology. Although it is a tool used in the 21st century, technology isn’t the biggest change I’ve seen. It’s the process of teaching itself, especially at the elementary level. When I started in my school district in 2000 there was still one or two elementary classrooms that had the desks in rows and didn’t have any other areas except for the computer area. No reading area, no conferencing area, etc. Now, there isn’t a single elementary classroom in rows.

Technology is a tool that supports this instruction, and with technology, instruction that would have been too labor intensive or just plain impossible in the past is possible now.

By: Brad Flickinger

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