#WmChamberlain: What If? Reading Journals

If this is really what we believe, perhaps it is time for us to re-examine book journaling. I have read the stories of kids ‘hating’ reading because they have to record what they are reading and when they are reading it (book logs). I totally understand how when a ‘want to’ becomes a ‘have to’ it can suck all the joy out of it. I also understand that sometimes we ‘have to’ make students do what they would prefer not to do, specifically to become better community members. Is there compromise that can be reached?

Source: #WmChamberlain: What If? Reading Journals

In the book Drive, Dan Pink recounts a research project that analyzed the output of artists, comparing commissioned to noncommissioned works. The researchers found that the commissioned works weren’t as good as the noncommissioned works. and their conclusion was the the commissioned works were “work” for the artists.

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