Write better English with Ludwig

Source: Ludwig • Find your English sentence

I so wanted to title the post Write gooder English with Ludwig, but I think I would have been the only person to find it funny. As a person who’s English skills aren’t the best (and yes, I know gooder is incorrect 😉), Ludwig is a fascinating way to look at English.

Ludwig is a search engine for English phrases. You can enter a phrase and the site will show you that phrase in valid sentences. For example, I entered “I so wanted” into the site, and was shown that phrase in several different sentences.

Not only did I get real world examples of my phrase, but I was also given some related phrases to use instead.

As a guest, you can only do 3 searches a day and the results are limited to a total of 7. Free registered users can perform 6 searches a day. These users also get 15 search results and the results are interactive.

I’m going to use the site when I’m stuck on a phrase I want to use but not quite know how to use it. Students could use it to investigate different wordings of sentences they would like to use.

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