You’ve read about growth vs fixed mindset, and now comes the strategic mindset

This research, led by Assistant Professor Patricia Chen from NUS Psychology, shows that people with a strategic mindset are the ones who, in the face of challenges or setbacks, ask themselves: “How else can I do this? Is there a better way of doing this?”. Done in collaboration with Stanford University psychologists, this research shows that, as a result, these people tend to apply more effective strategies when working towards their goals in life – including educational, work, health and fitness goals. In turn, they achieve higher school grades, make greater progress towards their professional, health, and fitness goals, and even perform a novel challenging task more efficiently.

Source: A new factor in success: a strategic mindset | NUS Research News

It’s an interesting paper, but to me the strategic mindset seems to be an extension of the growth mindset. You’re not limited in your thinking, and you can grow and learn how to do tasks.

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