Somewhere between education and entertainment lies a sweet spot.

MinecraftEdu — rereleased as Minecraft: Education Edition — hit square on the mark by bringing game-based learning to subjects like anatomy and art history. Now, Nintendo’s Pokémon GO mobile game appears poised to find its target too.

The augmented reality app, released just one week ago, draws on camera and location data from users’ Android or iOS smartphones to transform real-world scenes into video-game backdrops.

The game immediately soared to popularity and caught the attention of educators looking to introduce new and exciting lessons to their classrooms. Here are a few of their ideas for turning Pokémon GO into a meaningful educational tool:

Source: 3 Ways Pokémon GO Can Create Meaningful Learning Opportunities | EdTech Magazine

With the plethora of articles on Pokémon Go in education, will the game still be popular, and more importantly, engaging, once school starts up this fall?

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