AI Dungeon 2 is here!

Source: [AI Dungeon 2 is here!](

AI DUNGEON 2 is the sequel to AI DUNGEON, an interactive text adventure game. What makes this game different from interactive text adventures is that the responses are not pre-programmed. The computer creates the game as you play, based on what you enter.

This game would be great for ELA teachers. Students can create stories and ideas in the game, and see how the computer creates the response based on what the students write. Students can practice writing while playing a game! 

Unfortunately, the new version of the game is only available on iOS and Android right now, with the web app version coming soon. There is also one hang up with using it in the classroom, students will need to create an account to use it. 

The original AI Dungeon is still available, and can be played in a web browser without an account.

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