Robots are good at writing dry, technical, textbooks

Academic publisher Springer Nature has unveiled what it claims is the first research book generated using machine learning.

The book, titled Lithium-Ion Batteries: A Machine-Generated Summary of Current Research, isn’t exactly a snappy read. Instead, as the name suggests, it’s a summary of peer-reviewed papers published on the topic in question. It includes quotations, hyperlinks to the work cited, and automatically generated references contents. It’s also available to download and read for free if you have any trouble getting to sleep at night.

Source: The first AI-generated textbook shows what robot writers are good at – The Verge

Oh my, is it boring. But, from what I could understand, it does make sense. Robots have already been writing sports stories and business stories, and now textbooks. What’s next, fiction? Hmm, may be should wait on that.

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