Another clipboard manager for Chrome – Permanent Clipboard

Source: Permanent clipboard – Chrome Web Store

One of the greatest productivity tools that I use is a clipboard manager. A clipboard manager is a piece of software that allows you to store multiple items in your clipboard at once. Each manager gives you options on how long to keep items and what to do with items such as passwords. With the clipboard managers I’ve talked about in the past, new items are automatically added as they are cut or copied. Permanent clipboard is a little different. Instead of automatically adding items, it will only add items you tell it to save.

Installing Permanent Clipboard manager

While using Google Chrome, head on over to the Permanent clipboard webpage. Click on the Install button and the extension will be added to Chrome.

Using the Permanent Clipboard

As you work, you will need to add the data that you want to save to Permanent Clipboard. Copy the information as you normally would, then click on the icon in the toolbar.

There will be an option to save the information from the system clipboard. You can give the data a title to make it easier to find it in the future.

You can also click on the icon and add new information without copying/cutting it first.

To retrieve information, click on the item in the Permanent Clipboard, and that information will be placed in the system clipboard. You can then put the cursor where you want the information to be placed and paste it from the system clipboard. 

Comparisons to other clipboard managers

Permanent clipboard works differently enough from other clipboard managers that I would be hesitant to include it in a list of clipboard managers. The differences are not a weakness, but a strength. If you have information or snippets that you are using a lot, it makes sense to store them in Permanent Clipboard.


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