Bookmark groups of tabs with the Freezetab Chrome extension

Source: Freezetab

Who doesn’t love tabs? I have a problem with tabs, and installed an extension that will count how many open tabs I have. When I hit 200 I start closing. Don’t worry, those 200 tabs are spread across 5 or 6 windows. Freezetab is an extension to an enabler that helps me keep my tab addiction alive.

Once installed, I can click the Quick Save in the extension and save all of my open tabs and close them so I can reopen them later. The Save Tabs option lets me select specific tabs to save. Once the tabs are saved, you are asked whether you want to close them or not.

All of your actions are saved in the extension, allowing you to name the tab groups, or re-open closed tabs. There is also a calendar view allowing you to see the tabs you had open at one time.

If you are a tab glutton like I am, this extension will come in very handy.

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