Coding in the classroom is easier than ever now that PICO-8 is available on the web

Coding in the classroom has never been easier now that the virtual console PICO-8 is available on the web. With PICO-8, students can program games in the lua programming language. The environment includes a graphics and sound editor, which makes it easy for students to create their own games. Additionally, PICO-8 is available on Chromebooks, which means that students can coding anywhere they go!

What is a virtual console?

A virtual console is a software environment that allows users to code on their computer for a gaming system that only exists in the computer. PICO-8 is a popular virtual console that allows users to program games in the LUA programming language. The environment includes a graphics and sound editor.

Why would students want to learn to code?

There are many reasons why students would want to learn to code. Coding is a useful skill that can be used in many different fields, such as web development, app development, and game development. Additionally, coding is a great way for students to express their creativity. Students can create their own games, websites, and apps when they learn to code.

What are the benefits of coding on a Chromebook?

One of the benefits of coding on a Chromebook is that students can code anywhere they go! Chromebooks are portable laptops that run Google’s Chrome operating system. This means that students can access their coding environment and work on their projects from anywhere. Additionally, Chromebooks are typically less expensive than other laptops, making them a great option for students.

PICO-8 education version

PICO-8 education version is a complete programming environment that runs in the browser. It is designed to be easy to use for coding beginners. The education version includes tutorials, example programs, and teacher resources.

How can I get started with PICO-8?

If you want to start coding with PICO-8, all you need is a computer with an internet connection. The website is available at Once you have accessed the website, you can create a new project or open an existing project. Games are stored in the browser on the machine you are using, so the first lesson should be on how to save the .p8 PICO-8 games to a more durable storage location such as Google Drive. You will use the save command, which will pop up a save as box allowing you to save your creation to your local machine or Google Drive. Typing load will let you open a saved game.

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