Communicating effectively requires the right tool for the job

We spend all day communicating, and we’ve invented myriad ways to do it. You can buy a stamp, press a button, rent a room or use a microphone. Choose wisely.

Source: The appropriate medium | Seth’s Blog

Seth can say so much in so few words, each post is amazing. This post reminds the reader to choose how they communicate based on the content of the message.

In the techosphere I see a shift anytime something new comes out, Slack’s Ceo is “vowing to kill company email” with its instant messaging product. The problem is, not every message needs to be communicated and responded to immediately. When people start to expect immediate responses, they are ratcheting up the pressure on everyone they communicate.

An email can be as appropriate as an instant or text message, but you don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

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