Dealing with disruptive behavior

It was the last period of a gloomy Tuesday in February. The teacher, a happy, hardworking guy who relished teaching seventh-grade math as much as his students enjoyed learning it from him, let slip an uncharacteristically harsh comment as he flashed through email while students filed into his room.

“Another behavior report,” he cursed softly. “This stuff drives me crazy. It takes so much time and has no effect.”

As head of the counseling department, I appreciated that a counselor was gathering data for this student, but the teacher’s response was telling. It was part of a conspicuous, intractable gap in handling those significant behavior issues that cost hours of classroom time and frustrate teachers and students. Yet maybe a solution lies in sophisticated new technology or simplifying the whole thing.

Source: The Behavior Battle: High- and Low-Tech Solutions

Nobody likes classroom disruptions due to behavior, and here are some great ideas on how to track and implement plans to minimize disruptive behavior.

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