Drag and drop ranking with TierMaker

Edit: 27 Apr 2021 – I put together a video on setting up your own TierMaker:


Source: Tier List Maker for Everything – TierMaker

Sometimes I will fall down the rabbit hole of something totally unrelated to education and find a tool that would be awesome to use in the classroom. I was watching a video on ranking Twitch streamers and the host used TierMaker to rank other Twitch streamers.

This is a great tool to use in your classroom to promote discussion. My example picture above is a TierMaker where you rank the US presidents. I could see this as a activity in a social studies classroom, where the teacher can promote discussion on assigning grade letters to presidents.

Anyone can use already created Tiers, but to create a Tier the user needs to have a Twitter account. This could be a problem with students creating Tiers. Other than that, this is a pretty cool tool to use in your classroom, and can be used remotely during video conferences.

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