Ways to keep engagement during virtual meetings

Though being virtual has many benefits, it has necessitated many of us to multitask, dividing our attention among our other activities. Is your team attendance inconsistent? Do only a few members participate and engage? Overcome team members who are disengaged during video conference meetings with these tips.

Source: How to Keep Your Team Engaged During Virtual Meetings

Although the article focuses on businesses, the ideas transfer pretty well over to the education setting. The biggest takeaway I had from the article was the tips for sending reminders and followups. Reminders can easily be scheduled. Add an event for the reminder itself instead of relying on the notification for event itself.

Be sure to mark the event as free, and use it to remind you and your students of the upcoming webevent. By scheduling a reminder, you’re not relying on your students ability to adjust their notifications.

Afterwards, send your students a quick synopsis. This could even be a student’s “job” for the online meeting.

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