Edcerpts for January 9, 2023

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Edcerpts are my weekly round up of interesting links and ideas I discovered on the internet. It is published on Mondays for the previous week


  • Social Media Use Is Linked to Brain Changes in Teens, Research Finds – The New York Times – A team of researchers from the University of North Carolina conducted successive brain scans on middle schoolers between 12 and 15 to study the effect of social media use on children. The results showed that those who habitually checked their social media feeds at around age 12 had increased activation in reward-processing circuits, salience determination, and prefrontal cortex regions over time. This could potentially have long-term consequences well into adulthood but further research is needed to determine if these changes are beneficial or harmful.


  • What Can We Learn from Barnes & Noble’s Surprising Turnaround? – Barnes & Noble is now thriving, and the reason can boil down to one thing. The CEO “loves books”.
  • Launching Into the New Year – John Spencer – Each year, John Spencer chooses a single word to focus on as his “one word” and creates visual reminders for it. Last year’s one-word was “experiment” and he used the LAUNCH Cycle for his own creative work. This cycle includes looking, listening & learning; asking questions; navigating ideas; creating prototypes; highlighting what works & fixing what fails before launching their projects out into the world based on audience feedback. This year’s one-word is “launch,” with plans to share more of his journey including failed experiments.
  • AI and Education: Addressing cheating through Milestones – A pedagogical approach to dealing with students using artificial intelligence to complete their work.


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