Reflecting on 2022 and working on 2023

What happened in 2022 and what am I going to do about in 2023?

Burnout is real

January of 2016 I made the decision to post something new everyday to Eduk8me. Some days it was good stuff, some days I just posted something so I could check it off, but in the end I believe the good ourweighed the bad. However, after almost 6 years I was growing weary of the workload, and decided to take Christmas of 2021 off. That little sabbatical grew throughout 2022. Although I did still post, it wasn’t with the gumption and motivation I had in the past. I was just burned out.

Looking ahead – sharing links

With the changes happening in social media, I’ve already changed how I share interesting articles that I find through my daily travels. Instead of sharing out on social media, I decided to share out one post a week on Mondays. I collect the links, add some commentary, and post the article at 12:30EST. This setup is more valuable to me because it gives me an easy way to search for links that I’ve posted, and I can give the links a more permanent home than relying on posts to Twitter, Facebook, and Mastodon.

Social media in general

Although I will still send out links to new posts to Facebook and Twitter, I’m going to concentrate interaction on my Mastodon account at @[email protected].

Updates from the Eduk8me website will post to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Mastodon at

For Mastodon, the easiest way to add both of my accounts ( & @mr_rcollins) is to search for the username on your Mastodon instance and add them from there. website

My focus for 2023 will be on teachers and administrators at the intermediate or advanced technology level. There are so many ways to get help if you’re at the beginner level, but I feel that the intermediate and advanced users are currently being underserved in the edtech sphere.

Although that will be my focus, there will still be content for beginners because there is always new things to learn no matter how comfortable you are with technology.

If there is content you would like to see, feel free to drop me an email

I’m still working on a posting schedule. Right now I post Edcerpts on Mondays and Edphotos on Thursday. Wednesday will be used for other articles, but probably not every Wednesday.

Looking ahead

One other project I’m trying to figure out is setting up an email/newsletter of some sort. There are currently almost 3,000 people on my email list, and I want to offer something of value for them trusting me with their email address. If anyone has some ideas on what they would like, either as a reader or as a writer, please let me know!

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