{Edtech} Become the king of fake media with the game Bad News

Bad News is a Twine-style game designed by members of the Cambridge Social Decision-Making Lab and media literacy group Drog. Its goal is to teach players about digital misinformation by turning them into purveyors of it. You’ll start with a small-time Twitter account and slowly build followers by feeding their appetite for fear and anger, while deflecting fact-checkers’ criticism and muddling straightforward issues with minimally plausible conspiracy theories.

Source: Bad News makes you a fake news mogul to teach you their tricks – The Verge

The game is a good choose your own adventure type game that can be played in the web browser. Users select the path to take to increase their followers by provoking anger through fake news. Teachers could use the game to promote discussion in the classroom about the prevalence of fake news.

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