I’m not a big fan of end of year lists, just for the simple fact that things released in December have a distinct disadvantage to those items released in January. Looking back over the top posts from 2020, the list seems to be distributed throughout the year. Well, except for March and April posts showing up… A lot. I wonder what happened in March & April 2020 to make those posts so popular?

Take a trip down memory lane and see Eduk8me’s 2020 greatest hits!

Using your phone or a tablet as a document camera

Drag and drop ranking with TierMaker

Autoslides – Automatically refresh Google Slides without reloading

Take control of YouTube playback with the Transpose/pitch/speed/loop Chrome extension

Mark up your Google Meets with the Annotate Meet Extension for Chrome

Record audio in a browser with Online Voice Recorder

Apple adds assessment mode for Mac and custom school apps

Learn how people are manipulated online with Breaking Harmony Square

Screencasting with Loom – Forever free for teachers and students!

Chrome allows you to link to and highlight text on a web page, no extension required!

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