Fact Monster is a reference site designed for kids

Source: Fact Monster – A Trusted Reference Site for Kids

Fact Monster is a reference site to be used with students in grades 3 or 4 on up. Some content may be usable in the lower grades, but a lot of the references pull from sources such as the Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia.

The site pulls from several sources:

Whenever possible use public data from official organizations like the U.S. Census Bureau, the Library of Congress, UN agencies like UNESCO or the World Health Organization, or from historic organizations like our own local Historic New England. Some of our other major sources include the CIA World Factbook and the Columbia Encyclopedia. In cases that require more intense research, we will occasionally lean on scholarly work on JSTOR or in print.

In addition to our own in-house work, Fact Monster has long standing partnerships with content providers like Who2 to broaden the scope of our information.

If you’re looking for a reference site that is safe, be sure to check out Fact Monster.

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