Fascinating and downright scary cellphone addiction statistics

By: Laura LaRose
Recent research, collected by Android app Locket, monitored how many times its 150,000 users checked their phone in a day. They found that users did this a staggering 110 times a day,[1] whilst another study carried out by Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers found the average user checks their phone nearer to 150 times per day.

Source: These Statistics On Our Cellphone Addiction Are Terrifying And More Alarming Than Ever

Taking the lower number of 110, divide it by the number of hours awake during the day (16) means that there is an average time of 8.7 minutes between phone checks. THAT IS INSANE! 

Although I like tech, I also control my technology and not let it control me. Take control of your notifications. Also, learn to take a break. This is why I like reading from my black and white Kindle. No notifications and limited use outside of reading.

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