Google has updated the grading tools and gradebook in Classroom

Google for Education’s mission is to help improve learning outcomes for students around the world. We do this by giving teachers tools that make their day to day more efficient and collaboration with students more effective, so students can get the feedback and attention they need to grow.

Teachers have told us they want to make grading easier, so they can spend less time on rote grading tasks and more time helping their students. So to kick off ISTE 2019, we’re announcing new product features that do just that. Here’s how we’re updating our tools with learning outcomes in mind:

Source: More time for feedback with improved planning and grading tools

The big changes are rubrics, forms, and gradebook sync.

In beta now, teachers can add rubrics to assignments in Google Classroom. These rubrics are shared with the student, so they know exactly what they need to do to successfully complete an assignment.

Lockdown mode for managed Chromebooks is coming out of beta in August, allowing teachers to lock down a quiz so the student will not be able to navigate away from the quiz. Teachers will also be able to import questions from other Google Google Forms.

Finally, Google is rolling out Gradebook sync for compatible Student Information Systems. Grades and assignments can automatically flow into the school districts SIS.

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