Here’s an updated list of Chromebook specs

Thinking of buying a new Chromebook but not sure which one to choose?

Use our comprehensive specs comparison table and buying guide to quickly see the differences between each model, and find the best Chromebook for your needs.

Source: Chromebook specs & performance comparison chart (2019)

When shopping for a Chromebook, it’s sometimes difficult to know how their tech specifications compare. Here’s a hand list of available Chromebooks.

My only addition would be to list the end date of the Chromebooks Auto Update Policy. Chromebooks will only get updates for 6.5 years from their release date, so if you see a Chromebook price that’s too good to be true, there’s a good chance it’s because it won’t be getting any more updates.

Past the end of life the Chromebook won’t stop working, but it won’t get anymore updates. This could cause issues with security or updated websites in the future.

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