Taking screenshots with a Chromebook

I’ve been doing more work on a Chromebook ever since I bought the Flip, and to take screenshots I’ve been using the Nimbus extension. But, Nimbus can’t take pictures of anything outside of the browser window, so I’ve been looking for a replacement and found out that ChromeOS has two options built in to take screen shots.

Full screen

To capture the entire screen, hold down the control key and press the window key (ChromebookWindowButton). A complete snapshot of the current screen will be saved in the Chromebook’s Downloads folder.


To capture only small area of the screen, hold down the control key and the shift key, then press the window key (ChromebookWindowButton). A cross hair will replace the current cursor, allowing you to draw a box and capture part of the screen.

Editing and markup

For now I installed the Nimbus Screenshot App, which lets me open up and annotate the screenshots. Works pretty well, but may change in the future.

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