What jobs will be available in 30 years?


For example, robot journalists in the Associated Press wrote thousands of stories last year, mostly about listed companies’ earnings and sports news.

The automated technology has proved to be highly accurate in reporting on standardized topics, and was extremely fast. A report on a listed firm’s results could be churned out in a second.

AP’s robot journalists are branching out to simple analysis and commentary on top of news reports, with a byline of Automated Insights.

Source: What will the job market look like in 30 years?

I have a friend who believes robot cars will require special roads, and when I tell him that this isn’t the case, he still doesn’t think the technology will get there. But it is here, now, and growing every day. An autonomous semi truck is taking to the road for trials just outside of Columbus, Ohio now. Robots are coming, will we be ready?

In education, I could see teachers being replaced by robots, an idea that is very unpleasant to most. I frame it as, “take the best teacher you’ve ever known, and envision that teacher being able to work with every student, one on one, 24/7, unconditionally empathetic”.

Fortunately, this is off in the future, 20-30 years.

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